Ask Biology

Commercial suppliers of cloned vectors?

I am a recent transplant from academia to industry. I would like to follow-up on some experiments in the literature, for which I need cloned plasmids. Addgene of course doesn’t (for the most part) send material to for-profits, and I was wondering if there was a commercial entity I could order from. There are a […]

CMS Drupal Mastering Development

How to change my Accordion behaviour [closed]

I am trying to modify the Accordion behavior on an existing Drupal site (Drupal 7.73 with CiviCRM). The Drupal site with the accordions is using the Drupal module Webform to create and edit fieldsets and fields. These fields are connected to their equivalent fields in CiviCRM via the Drupal module Webform CiviCRM Integration. There should […]

User Help Web Apps

Filter by merged cells in Google Sheets?

I need to filter a data table by date values. Unfortunately the date cells are merged like so: So if I would write =FILTER(B1:B; A1 >= DATE(2020, 4, 1)) I only get every other value in Column B. I guess I should combine two filters, one of which has the source offset by one, but […]

Ask Engineering Network Engineering

New router configured with WDS causing instability [closed]

My main/existing wifi router is an Asus RT-AC68U. I have configured 2G and 5G to use the said SSID/password — it’s been working fine. I’ve just added a TP-Link Archer A6 in an adjoining room and configured it to act as a range extender, to add wired connection to some devices that are in that […]

Ask Health Medical

is Tramadol 100mg is good for health?

i am buying Tramadol 100mg from

Apple User Help

How can I delete cookies for one site in Safari, without deleting local data?

I’m having trouble logging in to a website in Safari, so I wanted to delete cookies for that one site. I went to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data And searches for the site’s name, but I see that the site is using cookies and local storage. I don’t want to delete […]

Apple User Help

Is it possible to export configuration from Apple’s macOS Stocks app?

I use on macOS and configured many assets I wish to "follow". Is it possible to export configuration from Apple’s macOS Stocks app? I wish to put the config file into git repo (should be text file).

Raspberry Pi User Help

Rotary encoder working on Pi 3 but not on Pi 4

I’m trying to read an encoder switch using wiringPi (latest, 2.52). Whenever there is an edge on either of the encoding pins a or b, I store a snapshot of the state of both pins on two bits: int val = 2*digitalRead(pina) + digitalRead(pinb) A separate process then filters out repeating states and then looks […]

Game Creation Mastering Development

2D/3D Soft body physics in Unity

I want to implement soft bodies in my game similar to this link. I tried using this Soft body simulation plugin but it has the following problems: Only works with box colliders. Doesn’t work with Unity’s physics engine i.e. the bodies don’t react to the forces applied. For my game, The soft bodies should be […]

Database Development

Create a user with rights and privileges between root and limited (CRUD single database) user

Is it possible to create a mid-root MySQL user, who will have the ability to create other users, with scope limited to databases which mid-root user creates? This mid-root user would not have the privileges of a root user, and would not be able to perform any of the CRUD operations on any of the […]